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Ghosts Supernatural or Science? with Richard Felix / Live Entertainment, Live Event, TV

Thu 1Nov
Thu 1Nov

Note: This event has finished


Richard Felix presents “GHOSTS SUPERNATURAL OR SCIENCE ???
An interactive live show explaining the reality behind Ghosts. Everything that Most Haunted Live should have been.
Live audience participation with table tilting, glass divination, Ouija boards, human pendulum, dowsing, lone vigils, Infra-sound,The Ghost frequency, Stone tape Projector. Learn about intelligent Ghosts and residual Ghosts.
Even if you don’t believe in Ghosts you may well leave this show scratching your head wondering “is there really is something in it”.
Richard has been frightened and fascinated by Ghosts all of his life and has dedicated the last 25 years researching the paranormal. He has appeared on many TV programs including Most Haunted, Great British Ghosts, The Y Files, Scariest Places on Earth, Forbidden History. Inquisition and Medieval Murders.
He has also produced over forty DVDs in “The Ghost Tour of Great Britain” series.
As regards Ghosts which he would rather call energies. Richard really is the voice of reality.



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