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Eleanor McEvoy / Folk, Live Music, Rock

Sun 17Nov
7:30 PM

Note: This event has finished


Eleanor McEvoy is one of Ireland’s most accomplished contemporary singer songwritter McEvoy composed the song “Only A Woman’s Heart”, title track of ‘A womens heart’┬áthe best-selling Irish album in Irish history.

MOSCODISC is proud to announce the September 12th release date of Eleanor McEvoy’s new album. As defined in it’s title, ‘Alone’ is an album of Eleanor and her songs through the medium of a single voice and a single instrument, 11 songs written by her and a take on P.F. Sloan’s ‘Eve Of Destruction’.

Says Eleanor “There was a time once when I was stranded in a long gap between dates when a tour, on which I was the guest, had gone pear shaped. With time to kill, I headed for the peace of The Grange, a studio tucked away in the Norfolk countryside, that I knew from an earlier session. In the converted barn, alone except for Dave the engineer I stepped up to the microphone and sang my songs. My state of mind wasn’t the brightest, but there was a certain something about being in a good studio with no agenda, no deadline, no A&R pressure, it just came out”.

What came out are some very haunting performances, up close, personal, yet timeless. This is Eleanor in a most intimate setting, running through the journey of her writing and singing career. The collection includes ‘Sophie’, ‘A Woman’s Heart’ and ‘You’ll Hear Better Songs (Than This)’

Eleanor McEvoy – Alone, the new album, out 12 September on MOSCODISC MOSCD409



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