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SABELLA / Indie, Live Music, Originals, Rock

Sat 21Apr
9:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


SABELLA stand up against mainstream, manufactured pop music and strongly believe in musicians making their own music and playing their own instruments. With auto-tune and sex appeal being the main elements of a successful musician these days, Sheffield can be proud that many of its local bands have made it big the traditional way – through determination and a lot of hard work. Up-and-coming band Sabella hope to follow in the footsteps of other local musicians who have found international fame. The band has been making waves in Sheffield’s music scene over the past year and is gradually building a loyal fan base. They have made a name for themselves by being the supporting act for bands such as Reverend and the Makers, who supported Oasis on their final tour, and Catfish and the Bottlemen.

SABELLA are a four piece alternative, rock band, somewhat britrock infusion of slick, tightly executed guitar parts entwined with upbeat instrumental backbones; creating perfectly chilled rock anthems hailing from Sheffield UK.

Embrace originals music live at The Fishpond . . . . you might just find the next big thing right here!

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