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Descaradas / Acoustic, easy listening, Jazz, jazz

Fri 2Mar
9:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


Born to parents of jazz legends amongst a crowded festival tent in Harlem; the mother soon horrified to learn she bore twins not only with dreadlocks… but JOINED AT THE DREAD.

Devastated, she abandoned the conjoined twins to grow up on the streets where they had to learn quickly how to survive… together they would sing for nickels and dimes…

One day, a kind doctor wanted to help them and out of love for the girls he performed a lengthy and admirable procedure that only the most skilled professionals could achieve to separate the pair.

With this, they were soon adopted. Kay was sent to Spain and Molly to England – never to see each other again…

….until now….

As fate would have it, Kay moved to England knowing there was something missing in her heart…

Molly was performing the skills they learnt on the streets of Harlem around the country…

Kay quickly became known in England and performed for a living in many venues but also added her Hispanic knowledge too showing the English how it is done Spanish style!

One day Molly walked into bar…

They made eye contact… and they found home….

Expect a unique fusion of jazz, soul and blues with that all important spanish infusion!

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