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Lindsay Smith **Thursday 23rd Aug**

Thu 23Aug
9:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


Yorkshire born lass Lindsay Smith is an acoustic singer songwriter who has travelled the UK with her songs. Based in Derbyshire, Lindsay’s lyrics focus on the experiences in her life. She has been playing the guitar and singing since she was 14, and since then has been gigging in UK cities such as Exeter, Derby, Birmingham & London, and abroad in New York, Barcelona and San Francisco. Lindsay has played at the ‘Y Not Festival 2010 & 2011’ and is constantly writing, singing and recording. For the past two years, she has been playing most Sunday’s in the summer at Birmingham restaurant Cielo’s, in Brindley Place. Her influences include KT Tunstall and Fleetwood Mac, but her songs, lyrics and style are unique, adapting and evolving as she is influenced by the ever changing music scene.

Lindsay also plays and sings in a band at her university called THE SNAP (, which is a different, heavier style. The band have recorded some of her songs which can be found on . Alternatively, check out her youtube channel,

Mark Gibbs of AUDIOSCRIBBLER writes; ”Lyrically, Smith’s music offers an undeniably wide spectrum of themes, ranging from simple tales of making the most of University life and actively producing cherished memories before “go[ing] our separate ways”, to the struggles of an inarticulate youth as they attempt to use writing as a way to communicate the desire to transition from a physical to more meaningful relationship. She manages to encapsulate the innocence and carefree existence of youth whilst simultaneously tackling the challenges of post-adolescent life and the midlife crises of a 19-year-old in a way that seems harmoniously natural and unforced.

Lindsay’s voice compliments her composition perfectly, with a delicacy as enticing as Feist, whilst holding the core strength of ‘Til Tuesday’s Aimee Mann, if only with a fuller, warmer tone. A subtle, bluesy edge carries itself throughout much of her material in a way that helps earth the floating melodies, reinforcing the messages behind the songs as listeners find themselves caught up in the beauty of the music.”

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