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CYCLONE EDDIE / Blues, Live Entertainment, Live Music, Originals, PUNK, Rock, Ska

Sat 13May
9:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


Cyclone Eddie are a five piece combo, steeped in the finest traditions of the late 70s Pub Rock scene. Ninety five percent of their set is original material; which is punchy, high energy, well written and edited with blues, punk, rock, ska and pop influences. They are excellent live with a unique look and sound; an original frontman who engages with the crowd supported by a tight four square quartet who rock with real passion and flair. Their tongue in cheek style coupled with an overdrive fender sound, real stage presence and a good time approach has been well received throughout the East Midlands since reforming in the latter part of 2014. A really live band who engage with the crowd for a combined good time, Cyclone Eddie are unique, fresh and are fit with any crowd.

Originally formed in 1976 by current band members Pete Wainwright, Mick Eastough and original drummer Paul Rhodes, front man Alan Cox joined in 77. They played their unique brand of pub and punk rock across the East Midlands for three years before splitting at the end of 1979. Alan went on to form Captain Nitro and the Exploding Alsatians with current Cyclones Tim Maynard and Steve Woolley but the Alsatians also folded in 1982 when Alan emigrated to Australia.

The original Cyclone Eddie’s next performance was at Paul Rhodes wedding in May 2015, which proved to be the catalyst for the reformed band. The current Cyclone Eddie is a hybrid of the two bands; Alan, Mick and Pete the “Cyclones”, Tim and Steve from the Alsatians. Their current set is an amalgam of the two bands original material. The band gig from April to November annually; Alan winters in Perth Australia. The current line-up consists Steve Woolley on drums, Pete Wainwright on bass, Tim Maynard on Lead guitar, Mick Eastough on guitar-vocals and Alan Cox on lead vocals.

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