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Gripper And The Gurnards / Live Music, Rock

Sat 7Mar
10:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


Gripper And The Gurnards originally formed decades ago as Punktup. They are on their third drummer, Horse, but the rest of the line up is the same. Horse is a genuine musician but this doesn’t affect the rest of the group. Nick Davis, their singer and front man, has learnt quite a few songs and when they’re performing occasionally remembers all of the words – watch out when this happens as the rest of the band try to cope. Gripper and Brick have played together in bands since 1888. Gripper loves punk and plays the guitar. He went to his first punk gig shortly after he was born where he crowd surfed getting covered in spit. Brick has not had enough time yet to learn how to play the bass guitar as he pursues his ambition to be a career politician for the Monster Raving Loony Party but this doesn’t stop him fully embracing the band ethos.

Together they are Gripper And The Gurnards, they believe in the beauty and swivel-eyed healing power of punk and play Buzzcocks, Jam, Meteors, Kennedys, Sham 69, Damned, Iggy Pop . . .

“There’s a harmony in my head in this strange town, a wrecking crew got too drunk to ****. Hurry up Harry you’ve got a new rose, ever fallen in love with a lust for life.”

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