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Sat 12Jul
12:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


OK this is it. For the fourth time Matlock Bath is occupied by the orange and black army that literally take over anything that looks capable of hosting live music!

The Fishpond will be hosting events in both the bar area and later in the day the Ballroom. Other venues involved include 800 BC, The Grand Pavilion, The County & Station, The Soular Shack, Riva,, The Princess Victoria, The Midland and finally The Banknote.You will find solo artiste, bands, duos, all kinds playing live at several venues in Matlock Bath all on one single day. Here’s a snapshot of venues and arrtistes bearing in mind the schedule looks like a train timetable!

At these venues at different times during Saturday you’ll get to see: Starscreen, Beth McCarthy, Dog Boy, Jamie Beau, Parasight,Andy Carr, Little Mammoth,Thunderbox, 45, Blackfish, Andy K, GTR, The Nameseekers and, as they say, many many more!

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