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The Lantern Arcade / Live Entertainment, Live Music

Fri 25Apr
9:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


The Lantern Arcade – Somewhere in the middle…

Formed in 2012 The Lantern Arcade never asked the question, what do we want to do? You don’t need to answer what you somehow already know, what we do know is that this Three is the magic number. Comprising of Guitarist/Songwriter Dave Smith, Bassist Adam Williams and Drummer Robert Cotterell you would be forgiven for assuming that the Lantern Arcade haven’t been together long enough to forge a sound. The truth is that part seemed all too easy, the trick is to evolve yet stay true to our calling. Dave’s true calling is the honesty of a great lyric that hits you like a train to the chest and makes your head wonder why your heart skipped a beat, match that with his truly unorthodox acoustic playing style, which has been likened to angels playing pool with cannon balls and you get an intoxicating mix. Every intriguing parcel needs great wrapping, the finest in this case. Rob is without any doubt a stunning drummer. He has the ability to take any track and point it straight at the moon, catching every single star on the way up, drawing from his beloved jazz background his rhythmic intuition is second to none, he truly is the perfect envelope. Some musicians have an aura, Adam shines. A harmonically rich bassist, whose silky tone and exquisite taste provide the perfect cinematic backdrop, a sensational harmony vocalist and the definition of musical ease.

‘The Lantern Arcade’ have been likened to ‘Crosby Still and Nash’ meets ‘The Fun Loving Criminals’. Drawing from an eclectic range of influences that both challenge and mesmerize, The Lanterns Arcade have the ability to sooth your soul, open your eyes and send rhythm to the most flat lined feet.

Tracks ranging from the free spirited harmony driven kick of ‘Eden’, the personalized comfort of ‘Fireworks’, the funk laden groove of ‘Alphabet of Innocence’ and the undeniable sing out load shuffle of ‘What Boy’s Do’ all go some way to demonstrating the diversity and unity of ‘The Lantern Arcade.


“The Lantern Arcade have to be one of the must see bands, a band to watch out for ” BBC radio 6.

“If there is any justice the lanterns will light the way” Sheffield Star.

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