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FranClassic / Live Music

Fri 23Nov
9:00 PM

Note: This event has finished


It takes some bands a number of years to evolve from fledgling musicians into fully blown performers, but for others all it takes is a few friends, a couple of instruments and a moment of creative experimentation, and for FranClassic it was certainly the latter.

Fraser Forbes, Roman Scott and Dan Wheale grew up together in the shadow of the Sussex Downs, each pursuing a love of music in their own unique ways, undoubtedly taking influence from the thriving creative community just around the corner in Brighton. But it was an open mic night in their local pub that saw them unearth a collective adoration for playing live music.

 Fraser’s vocals, Dan’s guitar playing and Roman’s beatboxing collided together during their small set and saw the beginnings of a partnership that would take them on to play in front of thousands of people. Ironically, it was this tiny open mic performance that spurred them on to sign up for the Open Mic UK competition, the largest of its kind in England.

They refined and rehearsed their performance in preparation of the first heat by playing at various local open mic nights, this quelled their nerves and instilled a confidence that would see them conquer the first heats and eventually the final at the O2 Arena, to the applause of a 2000 strong crowd. Turning down a big money contract, FranClassic set out to figure it out for themselves, they wanted time to develop as a band naturally rather than being thrust prematurely into the limelight.

 Since winning the competition the band have enjoyed gigging all over the country, building up a fan base and writing new material. Excitement is again rife as their first official EP is set for release on the 30th April and will coincide with a nationwide tour in May. The FranClassic boys are now bursting with excitement for the next step in their musical evolution, and relishing the chance to spend a month on the road playing music.

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